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PCL Financial Group, founded by Mark Klein, is a high service, low-cost mortgage banker that specializes in:


Reverse Mortgages


About The Team

PCL was started working with financial professionals and has always been a 100% referral-based business. We have developed “a safe place for mortgage services” for our financial partners to send their clients. We Will Be Timely, Do What They Say, Finish What They Start, and Say Thank You. 

Professionals and their clients come to us for our unique expertise of understanding and review of complex tax returns and income calculations. We are a large local direct lender that offers better service by having complete control of the process including in-house underwriting, doc drawing as well as funding. We have our appraisal management department that uses only the best local experts. We fund most of our loans in 25 days (less if necessary) and continually fund loans that the big banks have failed to. We will make all contingencies and take the pressure off the transaction by getting everything done timely and efficiently. We have a unique ability to work with CPAs, business managers, and other professionals on a very high level and provide the comprehensive service they require. Additionally, we have a high level of expertise working the larger residential loan amounts (Jumbo and Super Jumbo). 

About the Founder

Mark Klein

Mark, a recovering CPA, began his mortgage career in 1992 when he founded Pacific Coast Lending- a mortgage banking and brokerage firm. Since then, he has funded billions of dollars in loans and is continually ranked among the top 1% of loan originators in the country. Mark’s team consistently funds at least $200 million a year, based on 100% referrals.

Before 1992, Mark spent six years as a practicing Certified Public Accountant; four with Coopers & Lybrand, “a big five accounting firm”, and two years with a large, local accounting firm that specialized in real estate taxation. He now uses the valuable experience from his time as a CPA to help other professionals by guiding them through the mortgage process. His clients come to him for his unique expertise and understanding of complex tax returns as well as income calculations.

Mark’s experience as a CPA combined with his extensive knowledge of real estate makes him among the most knowledgeable and highly respected loan consultants in the business. He is known throughout the mortgage industry for working with CPAs and Financial Professionals, many of whom have clients with jumbo or super jumbo loan needs. Mark thoroughly understands the complications that accompany these types of borrows which makes him stand out in the mortgage business. He is one of the first mortgage consultants to implement an internal system to manage his clients’ mortgages on an ongoing and continual basis. He makes sure his clients always have an optimal mortgage and experience.

Experience and Education Highlights

About PCL Financial

At PCL Financial, we have a highly competent reverse mortgage director that runs our Reverse Mortgage Division who specializes in working with Estate planning attorneys as well as financial planners. The reverse mortgage industry is growing tremendously as our population is aging. Our two primary commercial representatives have over 50 years of experience and have many unique relationships with banks, insurance companies, and other conduits throughout California, as well as the rest of the country.

What makes us stand apart is our affiliation with tax and other financial professionals. We have over 400 established relationships with professional service firms (CPAs and Financial Planners) in California. We have developed a “safe place” for our partners to send their clients loans. Our goal is to ensure we are timely, we do what we promise, we finish what we start, and we are sincere and thankful. We are experts working with Financial Professionals and their clients. With our strong financial background, we have a unique ability to help with self-employed and complex financial and tax situations.

Whether you are a self-employed complex financial borrower or a first-time home buyer we will guide you through the process, keep it as simple as possible, and give you the confidence to know your home financing transaction is being handled professionally and proactively.

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